The Ensemble is committed to broadening the music on offer to audiences by commissioning new work by internationally acclaimed composers and up-and-coming composing talents.


Composers currently writing for Crash Ensemble:

  • Christopher Mayo


The Ensemble has commissioned  the following composers and works:

Garrett Sholdice: The Rose and the Crown, 2016

Linda Buckley: Torann, 2015

Dave Flynn: Joy, 2014

Valgeir Sigursson: Ghosts, 2013

Michael Gordon: Dry, 2013

Glenn Branca: Thought, 2012

Daniel Figgis: Dimmerswitch, 2012

Nico Muhly:  Drones, Variation, Ornaments, 2011

David Lang: Forced March, 2008

Gerald Barry: First Sorrow, 2007

Arnold Dreyblatt: Resonant Relations, 2004

Kevin Volans: 1000 bars, 2002, Nine Beginnings 2009, Looping Point, 2012


Composers/works commissioned for Crash from our friends and partners:

Deirdre Gribbin, Invitation to a Journey, 2015 . Commissed by CoisCeim for Crash Ensemble. 

Jonathan NanglePause, 2015. Commissioned by The Dock Arts Centre for Crash Ensemble. 

Niall Vallely, Time Flying, 2014 Commissioned by the Cork Opera House for Crash Ensemble

Terry Riley: Loops for Ancient-Giant-Nude-Hairy Warriors Racing Down the Slopes of Battle/ Ancient-Giant-Nude-Hairy Warriors Racing Down the Slopes of Battle, 2007. Commissioned by Louth Contemporary Music Society for a performance by Crash Ensemble at Drogheda Arts Festival.