What you have said... INVITATION TO A JOURNEY

Friday 22nd July, 2016

We have been bowled over by the amazing response to INVTATION TO A JOURNEY so wanted to share the love and let you know what people have been saying…


Liz Nugent[email protected] 

Invitation to a Journey by @Fishamble @crashensemble and @CoisCeim is a pure pleasure. @projectarts until Sunday.


Orla[email protected] 

What a fantastic show! Great synergy of different talents & disciplines. Congrats to all. @CoisCeim @projectarts @Fishamble @crashensemble


Anu Productions[email protected] 

Congratulations to @CoisCeim @Fishamble @crashensemble for Invitation to a journey at @projectarts. Beautifully realised production


Sabrina Sheehan[email protected] 

Fab collaborative journey @projectarts #InvitationToAJourney.Next stop @NMIreland exhibit #InspiredByEileenGray @CoisCeim @crashensemble


Robbie Blake[email protected] 

Excellent work- theatre,dance,music combined. Inspirational homage to #EileenGray. Congrats all @CoisCeim @Fishamble

Thank YOU, it was inspiring. A true homage to a great artist.


Saoirse Anton[email protected]_dayEccentric  

Glad I got to see Invitation to a Journey @projectarts last night. Impressive production. @CoisCeim @Fishamble @crashensemble


Kerry McCall[email protected] 

Atmospheric, honest, authentic portrayal of Eileen Gray&her work. Catch it at @projectarts. Ends Sunday @Fishamble @CoisCeim @crashensemble

and incredible, powerful and so very moving! (Not enough characters in last tweet! 


Colleen Dube[email protected] 

Privileged to experience #invitationtoajourney a compelling and captivating collaboration, Kudos to @Fishamble @CoisCeim @crashensemble


Olwen Dawe[email protected] 

@oconnellsandra @CoisCeim @projectarts @Fishamble @crashensemble You will not be disappointed... It's beautiful.


Marketa D.[email protected] 

Absolutely loved #InvitationtoaJourney. Catch it in @projectarts next week. Bravo @CoisCeim @crashensemble @Fishamble @GalwayIntArts


Sinead O'Doherty[email protected] 

What a gorgeous production - loved 'Invitation To A Journey' #GIAF16 @CoisCeim @crashensemble @Fishamble @GalwayIntArts