John Godfrey

John Godfrey is a composer, performer and lecturer in New Music at the National University of Ireland, Cork. His compositions and arrangements have been performed world-wide and many appear on CD. Previously highly influenced by the Hague School, Godfrey's compositional work is currently focussed on experimental and improvisation-based music, often with live and interactive electronics. He develops software for composition using Max/MSP.

Godfrey performs pre-composed, improvised and semi-improvised work, both on piano/keyboards and on electric guitar. Between 1989 and 1997 he co-founded, and was the Musical Director of, the amplified new-music group Icebreaker, which appeared extensively in Europe and America, and made several CDs. In 1997, he joined Ireland’s premiere New Music group, the Crash Ensemble. The latter has also toured extensively, with major appearances in Europe and the US, and released a number of recordings. He also performs in many other contexts, including with Cork’s improvisation collective The Quiet Club.

Godfrey has set up many new initiatives in the field of New Music in Cork, including two festivals of contemporary music in ’97 and ’98, and has been an outspoken promoter of new music in the city. During 2008 he is promoting a Festival of Experimental Music, and founding a new professional performing group dedicated to it. The Festival will comprise both performances and a Deep Listening Retreat led by Pauline Oliveros, and will feature new works from Alvin Lucier, David Toop, Mark Appelbaum and many more. See for more details.